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By Saeed Shabazz ~
 Freelance Journalist

 The Left Forum convened its annual three-day confab at Pace Univ. from March 16 to18, which boasts of being the largest gathering in North America of the United States and international Left. The ‘Black Left’ was well represented; a ‘who’s-who’ in the Black Radical/Black Liberation movement in North America.

Names such as Dr. Maulana Karenga, Dr. Roderick Bush, Amiri Baraka, Sam Anderson, Dr. Johanna Fernandez, Dr. Michael Dawson, Dr. Komozi Woodard, Bill

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Many have raised the question, “Where does the Occupy movement go from here?”  First we need to acknowledge and appreciate how far they have come and accomplished.
Two of its major accomplishments, which other organizations have failed to do, are shine the spotlight on the nation’s true ills and uniting such a variety of groups in a common cause.
The occupy movement has pricked the nation's conscience. They have shown vividly that our democracy does not work for us. It works for and is under the c
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A People’s Assembly held Nov. 5 at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx launched an exciting fightback program for jobs, against racism and for the rights of workers and poor people to unions, food, healthcare, and public education.


The People’s Assembly launched an Occupy For Jobs Network to coordinate a large-scale campaign for jobs. “Occupy Wall Street has opened up space for people to do other things,” said Larry Holmes, a founder of the Bail Out the People Movement. “It is vital to

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Rodney D. Coates*

Occupy Wall Street, now rapidly spreading across the U.S. and even Overseas, seems to have caught both the press and politicos off balance.  Now, in a strange attempt to play catch-up or to just stay abreast, the news seems obsessed with this latest democratic permutation.  What's interesting is what appears to have been first disbelief and now strained acceptance as the media and pundits scramble to understand, deconstruct, and otherwise explain this phenomena.  Unfortunately,

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This is the Civil Rights Movement
for This Generation!

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Guest Commentary


By Phillip Jackson 

November 1, 2011 


 The Occupy Wall Street Movement has captured the imagination of the world.  We now have Occupy Tokyo, Occupy Berlin, Occupy Mexico, Occupy Australia, Occupy Brazil, Occupy Denmark, Occupy Asia and even Occupy Antarctica.  But where are the voices of young people of African descent and why are their voices silent?

On Saturday, November 19, 2011, people of African descent are be

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Time to Occupy Hip Hop

                       TRUTH Minista Paul Scott
 "Y'all been eatin' long enough now, stop bein' greedy
  Just keep it real partna, give to the needy"
                                              Stop Being Greedy-DMX
One morning last month, tired of the state of corporate-owned Hip Hop, a small group of people gathered in front of Intergalactic Records with picket signs saying "Hip Hop Sucks!"  That night, a DJ rolled up with some old school Kool Herc-type speakers and started blastin' classi
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Solution To Corporate Greed Petition




Dear Friends, Occupy Wall Street and American Corporations and 1%ers:


I just created a petition entitled American Corporations Using Capitalism To Mask Greed: They should voluntarily change their By-Laws to require that 25% of their profits be donated to address social & educational issues.   I, along with Occupy Wall Street, care deeply about this very important issue.  This would be one way for Corporations to show the 99% that they are willing to self correct their greedy behavior.

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