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In The Heat and In The Dark: A Simple Solution To Power Outages


Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur


Today, July 2nd, my apartment complex had its power restored after a fallen tree was removed. It was hot and miserable over the weekend. As a social worker, I am concerned about the health and well being of those still at risk of the high temperatures, loss of food and medications. It seems that every

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Solution To Corporate Greed Petition




Dear Friends, Occupy Wall Street and American Corporations and 1%ers:


I just created a petition entitled American Corporations Using Capitalism To Mask Greed: They should voluntarily change their By-Laws to require that 25% of their profits be donated to address social & educational issues.   I, along with Occupy Wall Street, care deeply about this very important issue.  This would be one way for Corporations to show the 99% that they are willing to self correct their greedy behavior.

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