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q?_encoding=UTF8&Format=_SL160_&ASIN=B005VDCP36&MarketPlace=US&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&tag=theb04-20&ServiceVersion=20070822African American Healthy Self-Esteem: Understanding why low self esteem in African Americans occur and how to elevate Self-Esteem ir?t=theb04-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005VDCP36&camp=217145&creative=399373in African Americans is a new book by Ramone Smith 


Sharing a great deal of his thoughts and life experiences as a frame of reference allows Smith to draw a logical connection between the history of African Americans from slavery to the civil rights movement, to understand why African Americans as a whole suffer from low self esteem. He says, “Of all the research I've

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President Obama's Mission Impossible

By H. Lewis Smith ~



Upon Barack Obama's election to President of the United States, euphoria, jubilation and an aura of disbelief simultaneously enveloped the Black African-American community. Perhaps, it could even be said that many saw him as a Messiah and the primary power-holder to make life and living better for Blacks. Seemingly, Black African Americans became complacent and blinded by the historical, unprecedented election of America's first-recognized Black President, thinking him the

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10_smith%5C2010_0826_gb033_macht.jpgIndianapolis Colts Wide Receiver Taj Smith joined a panel of current and former NFL athletes for the Young Fathers Program in celebration of Black History Month at UMDNJ in Newark.

Topics included life before and after football and what it means to be a “Football Father”.
Newark, N.J.—February 28, 2011—On Wednesday February 24, 2011 the Young Fathers Program at UMDNJ joined professionals from the Sports Industry for a presentation on “The Pressure/Impact of Black Professional Athletes in Raising a

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The Enigmatic N-Word

By H. Lewis Smith

Even though not all black Americans refer to themselves as the pejorative n-word, an alarming proportion of the Black community uses and/or supports use of the term. For instance, ministers invoke the word from their pulpits, and the NAACP, with the wink of the eye, looks the other way when prominent blacks publicly embrace the word. Many black college professors support their students' use of the word. Minister Louis Farrakhan has glowingly utilized the word in some of his

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