5555209_orig.jpgThe "Real" Isis Attacks Gender Violence in Valentine’s Day Novel Just Released

New book revives the Egyptian Isis myth in an urban fantasy of a feminist rebellion. The Egyptian goddess becomes a feminist symbol in contrast to the propaganda, corruption and gender violence of ISIS.

New York, NY, January 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- In the aftermath of a year in which reports of gender violence gripped college campuses, the American military and the NFL, a new novel offers an urban fantasy involving the equivalent of a nationwide “players’ strike” to alter male-female relationships. The book describes a plot to cease all dating and intimate relationships by adult and adolescent women until males reject all nuances of gender violence and dramatically alter the power dynamics of romance. Appropriately, the fictional revolt is unveiled on the evening before Valentine’s Day. The new novel, entitled "The Bachelor Scrolls: Isis Unleashed," is made even more bizarre in that it depicts the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis as concocting the scheme in concert with a celebrated writer who—in real life—suffered the breakup of his marriage. Free copies of this urban fantasy are available online—just in advance of the Valentine’s Day holiday.

According to the author, Geronimo Redstone, “In ancient Egypt, Isis was a symbol of the sanctity of love, marriage, and motherhood. She is also a metaphor for female empowerment that can be resurrected in the modern era—just as she was embraced as such by the legendary Cleopatra. This, ironically, is in stark contrast to the example provided by jihadist war criminals who have committed atrocities against female victims and who, regrettably, have been dubbed with the acronym ISIS.”

In this debut novel, Redstone sketches a vision of a dystopian future characterized by rampant gender violence, proliferating divorce rates, and assorted moral decadence. The mythical revolt decreed by Isis involves a group of forty-two feminists who are recruited to “unionize” Western females. And with an explicit nod to diversity, the fictional group includes an African-American TV journalist, an Asian engineering professor, a Latin vocalist, and a female Marine Corps major.

Geronimo Redstone is the pen name for an award-winning public speaker and advocate for urban redevelopment initiatives. His tale is being published in installments as a literary critique of the patriarchal roots of gender violence. It is also shaped by his research of Egyptian culture including visits to temple sites and tombs along the Nile. Interested readers can learn more about the Isis legend and obtain free copies of this urban fantasy until January 31st at www.geronimoredstone.com.
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