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Hip-hop Jazz Percussionist & MC, The ZYG performs in Boston for the


 Annual Prince Hall BlackHistory Month Program, bringing socially conscious hip-hop to a appreciative audience.

It was the talents of the upcoming generation was highlighted at the Annual Black History Month event, hosted by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. About 200 community people filled the William E. Reed Auditorium in Dorchester on Sunday, February 25, and were treated to dance performances by Area 51, Chance Da

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NB Comentary: She handed him his arse!!
When it comes to Donald Trump supporters, it’s become pretty clear what you’re gonna get. They’re either people too dumb to tie their own shoelaces, or they’re jerks who embrace racism, misogyny, and the need to prove their manhood.
Enter Scott Baio. SOURCE
Baio sat down with Tamron Hall on her MSNBC show while at the Republican National Convention. Hall pressured him to answer why he would post a photo on Twitter of Hillary Clinton in front of the word “c*n
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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

It's 3:00 AM, and I'm going through my emails – something, being a night owl, I do routinely, in preparation for writing, or researching for my blog or a news article – when I see Bill Cosby's name in the subject line of an email. So, of course I zoom in on it because, anything about Cosby I'm going to read. He's one of my heroes.

What I read made me sad, then disappointed, and finally angry. It was an online response to an article that has been circulating the intern
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A visit to Cracow

Why would anyone want to descend into the dark depths when a crisp October sun was shining on the cobbles of the largest medieval square of Europe, flanked by a medieval Cloth Hall, the continent's second-oldest university, a Gothic church and Cukiernas dispensing the traditional creamcrammed pastry? As it turned out, this journey now ranks among my most mine-blowing experiences. For over 900 years, kings and scientists, engineers and humble miners have upgraded what nature created 15 million ye

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