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Paul Scott ~
Many African Americans of my generation have fond (or not so fond) memories 
of getting up on Saturday mornings to watch our favorite Hip Hop video show, 
only to be scared out our wits  by the sight of an angry, giant blue Schlitz 
Malt Liquor Bull bustin' through our tv sets. Even today, if you ride through 
any 'hood and yell out the window the familiar '90's ST Ides Malt Liquor 
jingle, "just hit the corner store, you know what I'm lookin' for..."  I  
guarantee that some wino in the
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RUTH Minista Paul Scott ~
March 3, 1991. What started off as just another case of a brotha gettin' beat
down by the Po Po, would set off a chain of events that would forever change
the socio-political dynamics of America, especially for the Hip Hop
Although, they beating of Rodney King by four Los Angeles police officers
happened 20 years ago, the shock waves from the event are still being felt
today. To grasp the gravity of the situation one has to look at it in
historical terms.

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Paul Scott --
Dr. Carter G. DuBois was exhausted after pouring all of his energy into an hour long lecture on the colonization of Africa. Out of breath and with sweat pouring down his face, he asked his college freshman class if there were any questions. Nonchalantly smackin' bubble gum, scantily dressed, Lakesia Jackson raised her hand and asked, "Yeah, Doc, can you teach us how to "dougie?" This prompted the rest of the class to break into an impromptu dance routine, transforming Dubois' Worl
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Black Like He: Will Obama Change Hip Hop ?

Black Like He: Will Obama Change Hip Hop? by Paul Scott Hate it or love it, the one good thing that can be said about commercialized Hip Hop of the thuggish variety (gangsta rap) is its resilience. The day after a nuclear holocaust, the only things that will be left on the planet will be roaches, Spam and Snoop Dog. Since its "official" coming out party in the form of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton, a generation ago, the longevity of lyrics spoutin' tales of drug slangin, gang bangin' and bli
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