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The Hip Hop Hustle: Why Hip Hop Hasn't Changed.

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott: 
The year is 1991, alarmed by the raising level of negativity in Hip Hop, activists and artists from across the country gathered for a major Hip Hop Summit. One by one speakers stepped to the podium and pledged themselves to fight in the war to  "save Hip Hop." Never again would they allow corporations to destroy their culture. Never again!
The year is 2011, alarmed by the rising level of negativity in Hip Hop....
Every since NWA dropped "Straight Out of Compton"
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Black Like He: Will Obama Change Hip Hop ?

Black Like He: Will Obama Change Hip Hop? by Paul Scott Hate it or love it, the one good thing that can be said about commercialized Hip Hop of the thuggish variety (gangsta rap) is its resilience. The day after a nuclear holocaust, the only things that will be left on the planet will be roaches, Spam and Snoop Dog. Since its "official" coming out party in the form of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton, a generation ago, the longevity of lyrics spoutin' tales of drug slangin, gang bangin' and bli
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