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Location was essential to an up-and-coming entrepreneur! Making sure your brick and mortar store was accessible, with ample parking, near heavy traffic. The retail industry now requires an online presence and (if applicable) an in-person experience. E-commerce allows anyone to shop locally and globally from the comfort of home. Having a website was a trend, now it is a standard. The pandemic forced many businesses to pivot sales and services from meeting places to online spaces as a means to con

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The underrepresentation of African Americans in tech has long been an issue and even today, many tech companies still struggle to address the lack of diversity in their hiring practices. This trend can be traced back as far as the 1970s when California's Bay Area became referred to and known as "Silicon Valley". Tech companies like Hewlett Packard, Xerox, followed by Facebook, Apple, and Google found a home in Northern Cali, yet few knowledgeable, capable Black IT, programmers, coders, and tech
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Every day, there are products and home goods you use, basic things you can't live without. If you need it, there is usually a Black-owned business that provides it, so why not buy what you and your family use regularly from a Black-owned business?

Buying from and promoting Black-owned businesses shouldn’t be relegated to certain holidays or special occasions. Buying Black can be integrated into your life daily until it becomes your lifestyle, one purchase at a time. I put together this guide to h

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Being Black is LIT and can't nobody tell me different. Being proud isn't equal to hate. Being proud means we recognize our interwoven common threads of shared experiences and our history of overcoming. Despite the oppression and aggression we face as people on a daily basis, still we rise.

However, being proud isn't enough. That pride needs to be expressed in action. These brands need your support not only so we can celebrate Black culture, but so they can continue to grow, create jobs, attract
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Man, dads are hard to shop for. They can be indecisive or just plain picky. Either way, do not fret. You will want to consult this list of ideas to surprise the Dads, Grand-dads, Pop-Pops, Uncs, Ol'heads, Godfathers, and new fathers in your life. We won't let COVID-19 steal Dad's shine. Even with socially distancing, these are the perfect Father’s Day gifts to ship to dad to show him how much you care just in time for his big day!


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Have you seen an outfit, a pair of shoes, a handbag that you absolutely loved but it was out of your price range? Love it, but not willing to break the bank or spend more than you budgeted? What about holidays, birthdays, and special events that may require a big ticket purchase?

You now have options!

You have subscribed to my newsletter and you know that I am a huge advocate of deals and discounts, taking advantage of the coupons I send directly to your inbox. You have even purchased your copy

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Mother's Day is May 10th this year and most of us are still abiding by our stay-at-home orders. Attending church with mom, followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant are currently not permitted. We won't allow COVID-19 to put a damper on Mom's day, so I put together a list of unique gift ideas from wine to greeting cards to hand bags, all ready to ship directly to your superwomen and sheroes for her to enjoy (without contact).

Wine and Custom Wine Glasses

Shoe Crazy Wine


Wifey Rosé



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