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To US: control drug consumption, please

The Ministry of Foreign Relations says that the increase in drug trafficking in the DR is the result of demand for drugs from the United States. Foreign Relations Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso was reacting to a statement by the US Embassy charge d'affaires Christopher Lambert who recently commented on the participation of drug trafficking in the Dominican economy.

Morales said that if there is an increase in drug trafficking here it is because of the large demand for drugs in the US, as report

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Like the cold was fought far from the shore of the USA and USSR by proxy nations and armies and brought untold miseries to millions while and so that “Americans” could wantonly enjoy the "good life" and Russians could dream of the
supremacy of socialism; the Drug War has brought misery and death and lost
opportunities to thousands in the Americas.

It is time the nations of the Americas stop fighting USA's Drug War.

If the USA will not curb its appetite for drugs, nations of the Americas must cease
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