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On September 18, 2016, we will begin our 7th series of I Ching Workshops Online GIVE THANKS, WE ARE ON FOR THE 7TH SERIES!!!

Is a magic number. so let's talk about magic. Too bad magic has gotten such a bad reputation over the years, scaring folks away from using their own, place a shroud of contempt all around it; while the very ones who are screaming about how demonic it is are using magic on the masses everyday.

Everything is magic, everything is energy and energy is magic as well as magic
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The dilemma of slavery continues to dog the United States of America  (USA) 137 years after Pres. Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation  Proclamation (1862) freeing only the slaves held in the South.
Many historians say emancipation caused more problems than it solved.  These learned scholars opine that the Civil War was unnecessary because slave masters would have ended slavery because they would have realized supporting slaves was too great an  economic burden and that free labor was more pro
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The Man in the Mirror

June 16, 2011


Raynard Jackson


The church used to be the mirror that society looked into to see its reflection.  But, now the church has become the reflection that mirrors society.


Unfortunately, the church seems to have lost its way and can no longer be counted on to provide light in a dark world. 


Last month, embattled preacher Eddie Long made an out of court settlement of the sexual charges made against him by 4 teenage parishioners.  The settlement is reported to have been for $ 15 million (t

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May 17, 2010 Stephanie Gadlin

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Congressman Bobby Rush, Atty. Jim Montgomery, the Mother of CVS strangulation victim Anthony Kyser, area pastors and others to hold Tuesday Morning News Conference to ask for criminal charges against persons responsible for the man’s homicide

CHICAGO—In the wake of the recent strangulation death of a 35-year-old man by a CVS store manager, on Tuesday, May 18 at 9:30

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CVS Shoplifter Death Now An 'Active' Investigation --- Thanks To Mark Allen, Other Activists and Congressman Rush For Speaking Out

CVS Shoplifter Death Now An 'Active' Investigation

Pressure Escalating On Police, Prosecutors To Probe Circumstances Of Homicide


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Troy Speaks

UPDATE: ANOTHER STAY FOR TROY"...let Justice roll down like water, And Righteousness as a Mighty stream"Friends, I could not be happier to share with you that Troy Davis received a stay of execution - this means that his execution scheduled for Monday night is OFF! The stay is based on a new appeal that was filed Wednesday seeking permission to file a new lawsuit based on innocence claims.On behalf of GFADP, the board and our members, we offer our sincerest thanks to all the folks at the Georgia
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