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Announcing Sept., 2019, Dream Workshops

Announcing Sept., 2019, Dream Workshops
Dreams are the primary portal to the Spiritual Realm.
Two upcoming workshops.
Sept. 14, 2019 @Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, 310 S 48th St., Phila., PA 19143
4:30-6:30pm Free/Donations Accepted
Sept. 15, 2019 @ Nutrition & Heath Center
5601 N. 10th St., Phila., PA 19141
3-5pm $10/Advanced. $12/Door
Refreshments will be served.
Contact via text, 1 770 580 3322

Video Conference Option:  http://www.z
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I don't know about you or how you would feel but there is something eerily sterile about sitting in the precinct. They didn't take me into a private room or anything like that, they didn't even seem to notice me much as they bustled around doing whatever they do. You would think that by now they would have all the modern conveniences they need to do their jobs and it would take so long for them to search their records and find who they are looking for, especially a child who has recently disappe
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On September 18, 2016, we will begin our 7th series of I Ching Workshops Online GIVE THANKS, WE ARE ON FOR THE 7TH SERIES!!!

Is a magic number. so let's talk about magic. Too bad magic has gotten such a bad reputation over the years, scaring folks away from using their own, place a shroud of contempt all around it; while the very ones who are screaming about how demonic it is are using magic on the masses everyday.

Everything is magic, everything is energy and energy is magic as well as magic
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How does a simple deployment of new police officers address the state of mind, social conscioussness, lack of respect of law enforcement, and the ongoing street battles over desperate economic conditionns that drive the vionece, plan to stop it ? ?

Where are the plans to deal "hands-on" with the mindet of a people, OR the plans to find more innovative ways for people to make money this summer from something other that the illegal street environments?


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