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Paul Scott -
The date is August 28th 2010, and Glenn Beck stands before a crowd of 100,000 fellow Conservatives holding the severed head of a Martin Luther King Jr statue like a victorious Roman gladiator. With Sarah Palin by his side, he, triumphantly, yells, "free at last; free at last," as the civil rights leaders can only weep from afar...
There is an old saying that if you love something, set it free and if it doesn't come back it was never yours to begin with; so it is with Glenn Beck a
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May 17, 2010 Stephanie Gadlin

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Congressman Bobby Rush, Atty. Jim Montgomery, the Mother of CVS strangulation victim Anthony Kyser, area pastors and others to hold Tuesday Morning News Conference to ask for criminal charges against persons responsible for the man’s homicide

CHICAGO—In the wake of the recent strangulation death of a 35-year-old man by a CVS store manager, on Tuesday, May 18 at 9:30

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