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"If You Don't Like It Here, Then Leave!".

"If You Don't Like It Here, Then Leave!"
One of the strangest things that I hear from folks these days who seem to believe that I have a problem with living in the US, is this,
"If you don't like it here, then leave, go back to Africa or some other Socialist Country."
I say to them.
My response, "can all those folks who told me to leave the US, pay for my airline ticket to Ghana?"
So let's first start with the definition of Socialism.
Definition of socialism
1: any of a various economic and political t
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  According to its website, Inclusive Capitalism, every corporation must be a citizen of the society in which it operates. This ensures long-term growth and company health. They even write that “inclusive capitalists” will not attempt to free-ride on services that others have paid for.

Inclusive Capitalism “is a global effort to restore capitalism as an engine of broadly shared prosperity." It claims to be an effort to improve environmental, social, and governance indi

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Denial Ain't Just A River in Egypt

 Conspiracy Theories are NOT Theories After all? 

Investigator Doug Hagmann Exposes Alarming Truths! 

Published on Jul 19, 2012
Investigator, Doug Hagmann (from Hagmann and Hagmann) exposes that the
top conspiracy theories are not theories after all! The Middle East,
Government watch list, Money Manipulation, Privacy, TSA, and even the
conspiracy that the government in Washington D.C. isn't actually our


I find it interesting how lik
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Is it just me? How is it that having a European looking man, with blonde hair and blue eyes, from the middle east elevated to the status of God, is NOT promoting white supremacy?

For the next 30 days folks will be peppering their house, lawns, schools and churches and every where else with the image of a "white" child in a manger purported to be GOD incarnate. A so-called Christmas celebration that really is a cloak for white supremacy.

Think about it, from now on it will be quite alright for Jesu

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Capitalism Coming Home to Roost

By EZRAH AHARONE ~                                                                                                                               
While capitalism is upheld by Western-European nations as the paradigm for economic fairness and efficiency, it conversely has a 400-year history of profiteering that traces to shameless enslavement and colonizing of non-European people by the same nations. Today, capitalism's tentacles of debauchery reach beyond the so-called "third world" to now r
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