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The Famine No One Is Talking About

    On July 9, 2011, South Sudan officially gained its independence from Sudan. The young nation’s brief history has been a tumultuous one. Since December of 2013, South Sudan has been embroiled in a bitter civil war between the Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups. Thousands have already perished, and the violence persists despite an official cease-fire.

    In addition to loss of life, approximately 1.1 million South Sudanese have been forced to flee from their

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As the Pigford I Settlement comes to a close: The Network of Black Farm Groups and Advocates state it was a productive beginning to redress decades of discrimination

The Pigford consent decree on April 14, 1999 marked the first step to offer compensation for thousands of black farmers who faced decades of discrimination from the US Department of Agriculture. That first step is now coming to a close. In fact, recently, a motion was filed to "wind down" the Pigford I consent decree. Fourteen year

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African Americans and Agriculture

( Farming is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Right?

In "'We Didn't Get Nothing:' The Plight of Black Farmers", Waymon R. Hinson and Edward Robinson made an interesting revelation: "American agriculture was built upon the backs of Africans who were enslaved upon American soil." Through the progression of slavery, peonage, and land ownership, working the land became a symbol of tradition, prosperity, and, for some, independence in African American culture. First, in 1863, the

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America In Red, White and You

July 22, 2010

Raynard Jackson

During the past two weeks, Americans has once again been forced to confront our intractable issue of race—live and in living color. Regular readers of my column are well aware of my writing modus operandi. My job is not to make you agree with what I write, but rather to make you get beyond your personal biases (and we all have them) and to consider another point of view.

If, after having read my column, it motivates you to discuss what I wrote with a friend or colleag

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Much of this can be seen in context via the work of Dr. Arthur Lewis, Dr. Ben's Physician. Always remember that they are and never have been more than 9% of the earth's population. The World White Supremacy Elite hides behind them and none of us have ever mounted an effective focused attack on those who by many many accounts have devastated the planet.Good as time as any to reclaim the burden of this from them.
Let Them Eat Mudcakes By Luise Light, M.S., Ed.D.“The impact of globalization is felt
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