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URGENT: Farmers tell President Obama: Stop Keystone to save the Planet!

This Earth Day the stakes couldn’t be higher, Obama has a choice: climate redemption or permanent climate chaos.

Tomorrow is Earth Day, the day that millions of Americans pause to celebrate the wonders and natural beauty of our planet and the movement that has grown in the past 40 plus years to protect it.

Ironically, April 22, 2013, is also the final day of a final public comment period on the controversial Keystone

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As the Pigford I Settlement comes to a close: The Network of Black Farm Groups and Advocates state it was a productive beginning to redress decades of discrimination

The Pigford consent decree on April 14, 1999 marked the first step to offer compensation for thousands of black farmers who faced decades of discrimination from the US Department of Agriculture. That first step is now coming to a close. In fact, recently, a motion was filed to "wind down" the Pigford I consent decree. Fourteen year

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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

   Well we're nearly in the middle of June, and this month has just been moving on, NON-STOP. There is so much going on simultaneously, you practically have to be on rollerblades, or clone yourself to do it all.

Not only is June Caribbean Heritage Month, celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of our brothers and sisters throughout the Caribbean, but it's also Black Music Month, celebrating the vast treasure trove of music we have contributed and continue to
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Obama Administration Takes from American Farmers, Gives to IsraelPolicy change slips in under the radarAlison WeirOctober 23, 2009At a time of financial crisis in the United States in which thousands of Americans have lost their jobs and homes, an Israeli news service reports that President Obama has just signed a presidential memo eliminating a tariff on Israel that protected American dairy farmers and that raised money for the American economy.1In addition, according to the Israeli report, US
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