With All Thy Getting

February 10, 2011 


Raynard Jackson


King Solomon, of the Bible fame, states in Proverbs 4:7, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding.”


I assume that it’s still legal in the U.S. to mention or quote from the Bible?  I am not too sure; this can cause me to be accused of being insensitive to other religions—but, I digress.


As I reflect upon the current state of affairs in the world, I am seeking to get some understanding of a few things.


Black groups like the National Urban League and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.) have been most vociferous about the disproportionately high unemployment rate in the Black community.  So, I don’t understand the logic behind them advocating amnesty and citizenship for 30 million illegals that will only further increase the rate of unemployment for those they claim to represent.


Parents claim there are no longer any role models for their kids to look up to.  I don’t understand why they no longer consider themselves to be the ultimate role models for their kids.

Everyone claims they want lower taxes. But I don’t understand why these same people are not willing to give up any government programs.


Africa wants to be treated as an equal partner.  But I don’t understand why they behave as a subordinate.  They allow foreigners to invest in their countries, but don’t require them to invest in their people.


The NAACP criticizes the Tea Party for the hostile rhetoric they use, but remains silent when white liberals do the same thing.  Last month white liberals were protesting an event in California hosted by the conservative Koch brothers.  These protesters are on video saying somebody should “string up” Clarence Thomas (the only Black member of the U.S. Supreme Court).  Another person said, “send him back into the fields,” and another said, “cut off all his toes and feed them to him one-by-one.”

I don’t understand why the N.A.A.C.P. refuses to denounce the liberal protester’s behavior. 


Last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security lifted its temporary ban on the deportation of Haitians with criminal convictions and are actually sending them back to Haiti, despite the continued deplorable conditions there (earthquake, cholera).  I don’t understand why the Obama administration doesn’t apply the same standard to those illegally here from Mexico.

I know what these above groups/individuals are trying to accomplish, but I don’t understand how they are totally devoid of the impact their decisions have on their very raison d’être.


Does the Urban League and the NAACP not understand that increasing the number of low skilled & underemployed by millions is counter to their mission of decreasing the unemployment rate within the Black community?


People today want to have kids, but yet want to burden society with raising these kids.  You made the kids, you raise the kids.


If you are fed up with high taxes, then what do you want to do away with to offset the lower taxes?

Why would a foreign corporation invest in the people of Africa if their president doesn’t mandate it?  Corporations are not in Africa to make a difference.  They are there to make a profit.  If they make a difference in the pursuit of making a profit, then so be it; but that is not their goal. 


Once again the hypocrisy of our foreign policy has reared its ugly head when it comes to Haiti.  When our immigration agencies enforce our law towards illegal Mexicans, there’s a huge uproar.  But, when it’s done to Haitians, there is total silence.


In today’s world, everyone is quick to point out what their rights are, but can you tell me the last time you heard someone say in the same breath what their responsibilities are? 


Rights emanate from the responsible exercise of said rights.  Without the responsible exercise of these rights, then society or the law can and should take away those rights. 


I am continually amazed by groups and individuals that do things that undercut the very mission they are trying to accomplish.  Do they not know that you don’t decrease unemployment by increasing the pool of the unemployed?  Do they not know they have to be what they are looking for?  Do they not know that no one should show more interest in your own people than you?  Do they not know that if you are going proclaim to represent equality, then you must equally call out injustice no matter where it originates.


“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding!”


Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm.  He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine ( & U.S. Africa Magazine ( 

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