YOU should join if…:

  • You are still ‘Black-and-Proud,’ and still ‘Say it Loud!’You still love Black people, and love yourself being Black;
  • You are a black male who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Man;
  • You are a black female who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Woman;
  • You are a black senior citizen who is “sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired!”
  • You are a black senior citizen who is fed-up with having…“been down so long, that gettin’ up just don’t cross (your) mind no more!”
  • You are a black youth who does not want to have to bleach your skin or wear foreigners’ hair in order to feel proud of how you look!
  • You realize that racism and white supremacy are not only capable of committing genocide against black people, but is actively engaged in doing so — right now!
  • You realize that increasing numbers of police murdering blacks is proof that genocide is underway;
  • You realize that “…nobody is going to save us (black people), but US,” if we are to be saved;
  • You have the presence-of-mind to know that ‘collectivism’ will trump selfishness and ‘individualism’ every time!
  • You know that protecting black children is the responsibility of black adults;
  • You know that in the greater scheme of things, black males have failed to develop the capacity and will to protect black women and children;
  • You know that the “best and brightest,” most gifted and talented persons our Race produces — MUST commit their talents, skills, and gifts — to the uplift and advancement of our own people collectively;
  • You understand that the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows slavery to continue unabated in the guise of a person…“having been duly convicted of a crime;” and…
  • You are fully aware that the current rate of criminalization and mass-incarceration of blacks in America’s prison/jail system is the beginning of our re-enslavement;
  • You understand that NO existing political party prioritizes the best interests of African-Americans as a collective (whole);
  • You understand that “leadership-is-as-leadership-does,” and this means that the best leaders for the black collective must come from the ranks of those who place and hold the best interests of black people foremost and uppermost;
  • You understand that Black people MUST develop the mind-set, capacity, and WILL, to finance our own racial-uplift organizational efforts; that we MUST replace dependency on others — with self-reliance and self-determination!

IF the foregoing points fit you, then you may well be “ready for prime-time,” and we invite you to visit our One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors (OMCBV&C) web site, read, watch, and study what you find there, and if it meets with your approval, register to become “One of the Million,” and order your T-shirt! 

Your fellow-travelers will then….Welcome you Aboard our ‘Train.”

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