My Father Said, A Collection of Life Lessons

After my father's death I wrote a book title 'My Father Said"  It is a collection of many of the life lesson, traditions and beliefs my father shared with me.  You are about to read a letter from the book at the end of your life journey what would your son write about you?


When I was old enough to understand the logic that motivated my father, I realized how much he loved me.

My father never spoke the words, “I love you”, but every day my father told me: “I love you.” My father loved me enough to ask me where I was going, and with whom. He loved me enough not to say a word and let me discover that some of my friends were dumb and dumber. My father loved me enough to hold me accountable for my actions and instill what it meant to be a Foster.

He loved me enough to sit in a lawn chair, drink a cold glass of ice tea and watch me for hours while I cleaned the back yard, a job that should have taken 30 minutes. He loved me enough to let me hear anger, disappointment, and hurt in his voice.

I learned that a father does not have to be perfect to be a good parent and example. He loved me enough to let me assume the responsibility for my actions even when the check I wrote was far more than my ability to pay. But most of all, he loved me enough to say NO, step up stop being a fool and be a man when I hated him for it. We had some very difficult battles that he usually won and I’m glad he did because in the end I won too.

From the age of six to twenty, I thought I was a convict with a day pass. He had to know my friends and worse of all what I was doing, where I was going and he insisted that I be home when I said I would.

Everyday I had to wash dishes, make my bed, and empty the trash and other tortures. I had to be respectful to everyone whether I liked them or not and if I did not have a good thing to say about them, he would say, “keep your mouth shut.”

My father said, “Boy if you learn how to cook, clean and do laundry you will never be dependent on a woman.” No, my father was not old school, just a classic, which he gladly added to my to do list. He always insisted that I tell the truth, be a man of my word and nothing less was acceptable. By the time I was a teenager, he could read my mind, knew what I was going to do before I did and had eyes in the back of his head.

Life at home was hard! My father said, “Boy you own nothing here this is me and your mothers house. When I would cry out from the abuse he had no PROBLEM with me moving out and with a smile, my father said, “It is what it is.” And “Don’t forget to call your mother when you get situated.”

Because of my father I missed out on lots of things my friends and other children experienced. I have never been caught stealing; vandalizing other's people’s property, seeing the inside of a police station or prison other than on a visit.

I am ashamed to admit I had a curfew until I moved out and my father called me boy until I became a man in his eyes.

It was my father’s fault I am an educated, honest, respectful and a functional man and every day I thank him.

Thank you,

Your Son


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