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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



     I usually attempt to put forth a Black History Month column annually for one simple reason: I am Black History.  How can I make a statement such as this?  Anyone of African descent who is over the age of 50 has reached the age of elder status, meaning that they have seen enough, done enough, and learned enough to be counted as a resource to the next two generations behind us.  While some of our youth would think our achievements to be ‘historical’, those of m

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NB Commentary: Sharing this article from Atlanta Black Star. A must read speaks to the disparity between the needs that vary between White and Black Feminism movements. SOURCE

Why the Historic Women's March Was Controversial for Some Black Women - Atlanta Black Star

By Tanasia Kenney  - January 24, 2017
Just one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, an estimated 470,000 people (and millions more across the United States and the world) flooded the streets of Washington, D.C., for the
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1) Barack Obama stepped to the mic and spoke of the importance of non-violence … for oppressed people. When any representative of the U.S. ruling class preaches non-violence, they mean non-violence for those who might get in the way of their empire. Obama was referring to people who had suffered under Jim Crow segregation and lynch-mob terror. This from the commander-in-chief of the global Amerikkkan empire, who has presided over more than 280 drone missile strikes, maintains a torture chamber p

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The Real H U

October 6, 2011


Raynard Jackson


Howard University, in Washington, DC, is one of the elite Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in the U.S.  Howard students are quick to call their school the “real H U!”  The reason is so they won’t be confused with another well know HBCU—Hampton University.


But after years of frustrating experiences with Howard University, I have come to the conclusion that they are truly the “real H U.”  But, in this case, the H U stands for “Horrible University.

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Response To Chicago Sun Times Columnist Laura Washington's May 9, 2011 Column on
Black leaders have 'fair share' issues

Rev Al Sharpton called Mark Allen "One of Chicago's legendary political activists

Mark S. Allen

Veteran Political Activist

Associate Editor, The South Street Journal Newspaper; National Spokesperson for National Black Wall Street USA (www.blackwallstreetdistrict.com , and Editor of national news blog "And The Ordinary People Said" on www.chicagonow.com


The problem with Chicago Sun T

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