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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



     I usually attempt to put forth a Black History Month column annually for one simple reason: I am Black History.  How can I make a statement such as this?  Anyone of African descent who is over the age of 50 has reached the age of elder status, meaning that they have seen enough, done enough, and learned enough to be counted as a resource to the next two generations behind us.  While some of our youth would think our achievements to be ‘historical’, those of m

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3828585854?profile=original NB Commentary: What gets to me most is the number of comments made on YouTube asking "what did they ever invent?" I literally want to jump thru the computer screen and scream really loud in those folks ears. It's so obvious that they are "white" folks and even more obvious that most of them, sadly, are unaware of anything that Black folks have done besides sports and entertainment. I am quite sure that the culture of racisms & white supremacy have done a great job in keeping these facts out of
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