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3828578763?profile=originalPuffy, Partisan Speech Further Mires President's Lamentable Legacy
"You Can't Put Enough Lipstick on This Pig of His to Make It Look Pretty"


Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are commenting on - and available for interviews about - President Barack Obama's final State of the Union Address.

While starting out talking about alleged areas for potential bipartisan accomplishment, the agenda President Obama quickly pivoted to and championed throughout the rest of his speech to Congr

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State of the YOUnion

January 27, 2011


Raynard Jackson


Two nights ago, President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address and, as usual, he declared the state of our union is good.  No president has ever said anything differently.  Every president is only going to put the best face on the state of affairs in our country. 


But, the state of our union is not great.  We have runaway deficits, high unemployment, unbridled partisan bickering, crumbling infrastructures (bridges, roads, etc.), and a Congress wi

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African Union on wrong course

Steve Paterno:February 5, 2009 — Once again the African Union (AU) has proven to be moving in the wrong direction from the principles it ought to adhere. For over fifty years, the five-decade-old continental organization still showing that it is created solely to protect African ruthless dictators. In the event of its annual summit, in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, the organization first act of shamefulness was to allow itself to be chaired by another dictator, the Libyan Col. Muammar Gadd
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