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Dear Kwasi Greetings Trusting this finds you in good spirits. Few Africans, outside of east Africa have much understanding of the Sudan issues. I met last week the Special Advisor to the Namibia Foreign Minister/President, to discuss Sudan. I noted that his was the standard OAU/AU view, which is determined by the geo-political considerations of east Africa. He knew little, nor cared much in my view, about the situation of Darfurians, yet he partook in the Abuja Talks on peace for Darfur. It
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African Union on wrong course

Steve Paterno:February 5, 2009 — Once again the African Union (AU) has proven to be moving in the wrong direction from the principles it ought to adhere. For over fifty years, the five-decade-old continental organization still showing that it is created solely to protect African ruthless dictators. In the event of its annual summit, in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, the organization first act of shamefulness was to allow itself to be chaired by another dictator, the Libyan Col. Muammar Gadd
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