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3828587496?profile=originalOnce again we take this opportunity on behalf of the Shashamane Foundation to thank you for your consistent support and to extend an invitation to continue doing so through our 16th Annual Fundraiser “Family Day” event in aid of The JRDC KG and Elementary School in Shashamane, Ethiopia.

Having just returned from witnessing and participating in the 16th Graduation Ceremony in Shashamane, and also having had the opportunity to discuss the sustainability, challenges and future of this project with

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3828568629?profile=originalRastafarians, Ancient Jewish Sect Connected in New Book

Author Abba Yahudah reveals fulfillment of ancient prophesy in new book

The Essenes were a sect of Judaism from second century B.C. to the first century A.D. Author Abba Yahudah believes that a prophecy made by this group is fulfilled by the existence of modern-day Rastafarians. His new book, “A Journey to the Roots of Rastafari: The Essene Nazarite Link” (published by Trafford Publishing), illustrates this point.

A book about Rastafarians

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Are You Ready To Go Home to Ethiopia or Ghana?
We are ready to facilitate your p/repatriation.
We are the Prepatriation Specialist!

DESTA Y. MEGHOO Development Consultancy, D.Y.M.D.C. & Associates, was founded in
2005 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are part of an extensive network of goods and
service providers in Africa who can help facilitate your move home including air
and ground travel, accommodations, business development, relocation logistics
and more. We published the Rastafari Economic Devel
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