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                                                        From The Ramparts

                                                     Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                 Don't Believe The Hype, Don't Drink The Kool-Aid


            "It may be that during your lifetime you will not be formally judged as to your culpability or lack of culpability for the acts of your leaders. But in relation to Natural law, you will be guilty or not depending on

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3828522390?profile=originalShernay Williams:
AFRO Staff Writer

  Obasi Camara, Outreach Coordinator for the grassroots political
organization Ujima People's Progressive Party, promotes the group in West
Baltimore. Ujima needs 10,000 signatures to qualify as an official political
party. (Courtesy Photo)
Members of a local Black grassroots organization say Marylanders need a new
type of political party that advocates for the working class.

The "community-controlled" Ujima People's Progressive Party supports a
living wage, the r

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Dr. Ron Daniels: As it became increasingly clear that Barack Obama was poised to make history as the first African American President of the United States, it was also clear that this was potentially a big moment for the progressive movement – a time to articulate a vision for a new America and to organize to advance an agenda for reform and fundamental change. As the Obama presidency unfolds, the question is whether the progressive movement is prepared to seize the opportunity presented by thi
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Get A Functional Unity Calendar for Your City

A Functional Unity Calendar for Your City? What would it mean if all or most progressive African (Black) organizations and institutions in your city all used a single online calendar to post their events and to check the events of other organizations and institutions? And what if the calendar allowed for great detail; including contact phone, web and email information? And what if the calendar was dynamic: letting you post events months and years ahead? And what if the calendar and a dedicat
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