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Word Sound Power and Dub Poetry
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ - John 1:1
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ - Nikola Tesla
Throughout the ages, poets, philosophers, and mystics have spoken about the mysteries of words, sounds and vibrations. It is widely stated that the word is creative, but what does that mean? The Rastafari tradition asserts that ‘word sound is power,’ meaning t
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Hold Applause, No Applause

Hold Your Applause Now

I'm Ready To See Now

I'm Ready To Speak Now

I'm Ready To Be Now

Please Hold Your Applause

I'm Ready To Speak Now

Can You Believe...


My Mind Speaks Volumes

I Speak For Myself.

My Heart Tells Stories

I've Kept Within

Who I am...

Is Here.

Hold Your Applause

Killing A Spirit

Slowly Dying In Shame

From Outside World,

From Outside Pain.

No Applause?

Stepping On The Surface

Of This Fragile Glass...

Treading Softly 

But I'm Still Falling Fast.

Black Alice 

Going Down The Hole.

Where She Lands

No One

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Reality Unchecked Shadow People

 by Lavonda R. Staples ~

  Shadow people, all of the humanity has either been removed or war really never there. Never developed. Never nurtured. Never guided into the beginnings of actualization. Only the shadow of what might be a person, remains. Mastering the art of daylight. I can stand the light. I am still immune to each day’s sounds.

Surrender? To what? Nothingness. Oblivion was the sweetest of verbs, the most welcome state of being. No feelings means no joy and no pain. The trade is so sim

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Check out my new media thesis work. It is called CARGO. It is a poetic audio visual narrative artwork showing in META 2012 at AIRSHIP 37. CARGO discussed ibjectification and commodification of humans and life.  Here is a sample...


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