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Transcript of Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Radio interview done 5th April 2011


MR !GOAGOSEB:  This is the 9th Hour on National Radio.  My name is Ricardo !Goagoseb and I will be keeping you company in today’s edition of your favourite topical discussion programme. We look at issues of national, continental as well as global interest, that is here on the power of National Radio 92.6 FM.  As you know, since the beginning of the year, there has been

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Dear Kwasi Greetings Trusting this finds you in good spirits. Few Africans, outside of east Africa have much understanding of the Sudan issues. I met last week the Special Advisor to the Namibia Foreign Minister/President, to discuss Sudan. I noted that his was the standard OAU/AU view, which is determined by the geo-political considerations of east Africa. He knew little, nor cared much in my view, about the situation of Darfurians, yet he partook in the Abuja Talks on peace for Darfur. It
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