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Dear Kwasi Greetings Trusting this finds you in good spirits. Few Africans, outside of east Africa have much understanding of the Sudan issues. I met last week the Special Advisor to the Namibia Foreign Minister/President, to discuss Sudan. I noted that his was the standard OAU/AU view, which is determined by the geo-political considerations of east Africa. He knew little, nor cared much in my view, about the situation of Darfurians, yet he partook in the Abuja Talks on peace for Darfur. It
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BF BANKIE:There were two main migrations out of Africa. There was the first exodus of the original man ( Homo sapiens sapiens ), who was black and who settled all over the world. The next migration out of Africa was forced by slavery. Although the western Diaspora in the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe is known, the eastern Diaspora, which preceded the western Diaspora by a millennium, is not generally known. The African eastern Diaspora is found wherever Africans were taken in Caucasia and T
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