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3828590852?profile=originalWow, they are gonna get their divide and conquer by any means necessary.

Don't like it, protest it!
Don't like somebody else's leader ruling over you?
Protest it.

Somebody else's leader can go to hell in a hand basket. F 'em. Not my President!
I can hear the chanting.

Drop tons of dollars into the coffers of this corrupt system!Protest more and more, buy sharpies and card board and bus tickets and hotel rooms and show that Billionaire you can pay other billionaires you favor, to continue

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Gloria Dulan-Wilson Blog

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Mayor Ernie Davis' swearing in as Mount Vernon's 21st mayor, and, as the first New York mayor to go back and successfully win his old seat (at least in Mt. Vernon's history), is a sign that this year is going to be absolutely fantastic - that is, if we do what we're supposed to do, individually and collective
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Chicago Not Prepared Locally To Deal With Terrorism Or Emergency Evacuations - Downtown Maybe, Neighborhoods NO !Local tourist sites and highly populated neighborhoods are not prepared for the type of emergency situations like the bomb threat in NY. Out of all the people that the media and ofificials have had to thank, they excluded the grace of God. Had it not been for the grace of God, the street vendors would not have had the time it had to notify police and their response had it not been for
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