Dear Mr. Davis:


  After Gil Noble suffered a stroke, WABC-TV not only changed the format of "Like It Is" but it also changed its name to "Here and Now".  While WABC-TV is entitled to air an "arts and entertainment program", it is not entitled to air or make the change at the expense of a public affairs program.


Two television stations came to Jackson, MS in 1953.  They immediately started practicing censorship.  Only the views of the Confederate States of America were allowed to be viewed on those television stations.  Anyone who espoused the views of the U.S. Constitution after Reconstruction was unpatriotic.


In 1953, Mississippi had still refused to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and all of the symbols of the Confederate States of America were also the symbols of Mississippi.  The Federal Communications Commission ordered a television station in Mississippi to allow Medgar Evers, to express views, on air, consistent with the U.S. Constitution.


On May 20, 1963, Medgar Evers expressed views consistent with the U.S. Constitution on a Jackson television station.  This was a capital offense in Mississippi.  Medgar Evers paid for it with his life.  A white assassin snuffed out his life on June 12, 1963 in the driveway of his home.


By airing "Here and Now" on Dr. Martin L. King's actual birthdate, January 15, WABC-TV used the public airwaves to defame all descendants of enslaved Africans.  The "Black National Anthem" was performed at the "back" or end of "Here and Now".  This was intentional and it is a "badge of slavery" in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment.  It also revived Plessy v. Ferguson.


Even the airing of "Like It Is" was subject to censorship.  If Elombe Brath and Gil Noble were able to speak with clarity today, there would be no need for "Friends of Like It Is".  Gil Noble knew that "Like It Is" would come to a screeching halt immediately after he was unable to make a public appearance on the program.


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January 16, 2012


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Submitted by Agnes Johnson:

For anyone who watched this past Sunday's airing, I agree with the below letter sent by Alton Maddox to the bossman at WABC. I could only watch the show for about 10 min and then had to turn it off. It erased the African.

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