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Popular book of original folktales by Black Wampanoag storyteller is available again through 3828608561?profile=originalAmazon as paperback and kindle publication.

BOSTON - A MIXED MEDICINE BAG: Original Black Wampanoag Folklore, by Mwalim *7) has returned to publication and is available for purchase as a paperback and an ebook on amazon. The much sought after piece of multi-ethnic literature went out of print when the books publisher, Talking Drum Press, LTD folded in 2014. Mwalim's company, Liberation Multimedia, LLC obt

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A Doctor will tell you that “Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus,” and a Celebrity will tell you to Act like a Lady think like a Man,” both of these titles implying that men are one way and women are another.

Prior to reading this blog titles like this might have made sense or been intriguing to you, but my book will cause you to ask questions like if all men are the same and all women are the same, why is the divorce rate so high, if all males are alike and females are alike wouldn’t ever

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