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image002.jpgAn Unreasonable Approach to the Black Vote. By Raynard Jackson, Columnist ~

 Last week I had a very long conversation with a major political operative about whether there was a role for Blacks in the Republican Party, on congressional staffs, on campaign staffs, or the various presidential campaigns. 

The simple response is that the Republican Party is racist; they don’t care about Blacks; and they don’t think they need the Black vote.

But, as me and this operative discussed, it has less to do with

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Trump and the Black Vote

3828577439?profile=original[By Raynard Jackson, Columnist] The year 2015 brought tectonic changes in several areas of our lives that the media has totally ignored or under-reported.  Too often media, both left and right, only talk to people who view the world from the same prism as they do.


The same argument can be made about the political establishment from both parties.  There is a total disconnect between the establishment of both parties and their respective bases.  This disconnect is personified in the presidential c

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