Why Rich Black Folks Don't Work Together

I'm sure you have heard it many times over and over. You would be in their same tax bracket if you had a dime for every time a Black person said "why won't Oprah, Bill Cosby, Denzel, Bob Johnson, Jay-Z, or any of the other rich celebrities and athletes work together to build or buy-out a company which would in turn create opportunities for the common members of the Black Community"?It doesn't take a Harvard Grad to figure out that if rich Black people pooled their resources, started or bought-out existing profitable companies, and hired the Black talent that is otherwise languishing in corporate America (or Gov't) making lot's of money for non-Black owned organizations, then there would be a profound change in our communities. Especially since this would be the model and example that young Blacks see and they in turn will mimic and repeat the cycle generation after generation. Common sense right? What are they waiting for? Why won't they meet, plan, and formulate strategies to build, grow, support, and create Black Business since they have all that money?!

Well................here's the answer...............They don't work together and they aren't creating opportunities for the common members of the Black Community or future generations for the same reason that ordinary common Black folks aren't working together to meet, plan, and formulate strategies to build, grow, support, and create Black Business for themselves and future generations. READ THAT AGAIN! AGAIN!In other words, we want them to unite, take the risks, do the work, and make sacrifices, but we won't do it! You see, if the common working man and woman were to do what we are asking the rich Black folks to do, then we wouldn't need them to do anything because our collective wealth is far greater than the wealth of all the rich Black folks combined. So instead of expecting or asking them to do it, we should do it!We should work together to build and support Black Business, pool our resources, recycle and re-circulate Black dollars, create Black Organizations and Institutions and fund and support them. What are we waiting for? Future generations are counting on us. They will model our examples but we must like Barak Obama said "be the change we have been waiting for"! Then the future generations of rich Black folks will do it automatically.Well, many of us are not waiting! In fact, there are numerous Black organizations that are doing this and more! Organizations that are actually "taking action" and working together to build and support Black Business and empower ourselves economically by practicing Cooperative Economics. It's just a matter of finding them, linking up and becoming a part of these types of organizations. One such organization is The Black Business Builders Club (BBBC) found at www.harnessblackwealth.com.

The BBBC is an exclusive club of black professionals who are working together to build and support Black Business, recycle/re-circulate Black dollars, and create opportunities, and earn money from home. The business model of the BBBC allows us to link up with like-minded, professional Black people from all over who desire to work together to harness the wealth of our communities and "do" our part in "doing" what many ask of only the rich.So don't wait on the rich! Join the BBBC today and work together with us and be a part of the "movement" to earn, build, grow, support and create Black Businesses and Organizations!p.s. Look for us in the June Edition of Black Enterprise Magazine!!

Warm Regards,David Farad, Founder www.nubianSurfer.comBlack Business Builder Memberwww.harnessblackwealth.comdavid@nubiansurfer.com
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  • Ok, Dnver Dave:\

    It seems like your term "fat cat" may apply in that BBB Club is an LLC. I would like like to know who are the current members of the Board of Directors of the 501(c)(3) parent organization - NBBTA, and who are the officers of the LLC - BBB Club. I teach the course, How to Obtain 501(c)(3)Status, and Keep it. The curriculum covers what I call "Risky Business" as it relates to jeopardizing the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

    Thank you for your cooperation nd support


    This would be a great exercise for the students in 1) respect to personal inurement, and 2)conflict of interest. In your next comment, please include your exempt purpose as stated in your Form 1023 Application for Tax Exemption under Section 501(c)(3).
  • West
    Bro. Ari,

    I used the term "fat cat" on my own merit. We are indeed practicing Cooperative Economics and we are the Worlds Most Powerful Money Making Black Membership Club. Click here to see one of our Cooperatives in motion!

    Our product is the Club Membership itself. Membership includes access to a very extensive Library of Tools, Resources, information, eBooks, Audio Books, Software, and Video Tutorials on everything from website design, HTML, SEO, Marketing, Lead Capture Page Design, etc.

    We are like a Success University that even features basic marketing and business 101 information for newbies. However, Our flagship product is our Video Post cards. I created one that you can view by clicking here

    To answer your other question, the legal structure of the parent company NBBTA is a non-profit 501C3. The legal structure for the BBB Club is an LLC. fyi
  • Denver Dave,

    I never used the term "fat cat." Why are you suggesting such? Semantics have nothing to do with the legal structure of a cooperative. It is what it is. Just like other legal structures. It is more transparent when you call it what it is, "working together." Don't call it what it is not (Cooperative Economics), it rings of obfuscation, and dis-honesty.

    I watched the the compensation plan, what are members selling? The video only mentioned the term "sale" and "sales."

    What type of legal structure is the BBBC organized and operates on? Are there board members who governs the operation?

    I am interested in knowing more, but you have to be more transparent. A good start would be to answer my questions.


  • West
    Denver is a very unique and interesting city and has many challenges for a Black family to overcome in order to enjoy a peaceful quality life. But it is my home town and is a nice place to live.

    Bro Ari, I don't want to get caught up in semantics and "dictionary" definitions of Cooperative Economics and miss the main point which is "working together".

    And no, there is no small group or "fat cat" at the top making all the money. The club is a project of the National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA.org) that has been around for nearly 20 years and has an outstanding reputation.

    Just as we have the NAACP, Black Chambers of Commerce, Urban League, United Negro College Fund, etc., you can become a member of any of these organizations usually for a fee. However in the case of the Black Business Builders Club, you can become a member and actually get paid for referring others to the club.

    Take a moment and watch this 6 minute Compensation Plan video that I personally did for the club at http://nbbib.org/videos/BBB.swf

    Then tell me what you think of it.

    Peace & Blessings,

    Bro David
    nbbta.org - nbbta Resources and Information.
    nbbta.org is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find h…
  • Brother Denver Dave:

    The last time I was in Denver was 1969, while walking down my last 90 days in the military from my tour of Vietneam with Headquartes Recon, 3rd Brigade of the 25th & 4th Divisions. Wow, the power of words, "Denver" bubbled-up some great memories!

    Anyhow, thanks for giving your example of "Cooperative Economics" and there is great power in these words. Hence my asking you for examples. Your example and it's definition via explaning how it works, is very far away from what is traditionally (Ancestorarily and Contemporarily) exampled and defined as "Cooperative Economics." For me, and the literature of the field, your example is simply creative capitalism based on cooperation and coordination. And I suspect that there is a small group at the top who own and controls this activity. Am I right about it?

    Cooperative Economics in the real business sense of the term and accompanying legal structure
    "Cooperative" is where the members own and or control the entity. Research the term so our dialog can be enhanced, and the appropriate words can be used for what you are promoting.

    I had great weekends at Denver's "Five Points!

    Peace and Blessings
  • West
    Greetings Bro Ari,

    I will give you three examples.

    1. We are recycling Black dollars. As far as we are concerned, every day is "Put a Dollar in a Black Hand day". The membership fee, which is only $14 per month, goes partly to a Black organization (NBBTA.org) and the other part goes to the Brotha or Sister who sponsored you into the Club so this is direct "Cooperative Economics" through "conscious" and "deliberate" action to re-circulating Black Dollars. Go to www.blackbizsuccess.com to see how our compensation plan can
    make you a fortune through the idea of "recycling black dollars" even on this small scale of only $14 per month.

    2. We look to each other first for any products or services that we would otherwise purchase outside the Club or outside of the Community so as to "consciously" and "deliberately" buy Black. For example, I just bought a new cell phone from a brotha in the club who has a cell phone business.

    3. Last, but certainly not least, we will be seen in the June Edition of Black Enterprise Magazine which was only made possible because of a "Advertising Co-op" that the club members put together. This ad costs over $15,000 which would have been practically impossible for any individual person to accomplish. It's only through Cooperative Economics that this was possible.

    Bro Ari, what we are doing is a model for Black organizations around the world and especially for our young to follow and duplicate. Right now the economy is in deep trouble and Black folks must look to eachother for our economic survival.


    Peace & Blesssings,

    David Farad, Founder
    Black Business Builder Member
    Skype: sir24_7
    nbbta.org - nbbta Resources and Information.
    nbbta.org is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find h…
  • What types of cooperative ventures can the BBBC example as a model of "Cooperative Economics?
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