3828549422?profile=originalI am working the Ariana-Leilani case: Ariana-Leilani has been suffering for five years from untreated Severe Chronic Neutropenia (SCN). SCN is a rare potentially fatal low immunity condition (like AIDS) that can lead to her death in as little as 18 hours from a common infection.   The experts believe that, based on the tests done to date, her severe chronic neutropenia is caused by drugs.  However, she has yet to receive any testing for drugs in her system in the five years she has suffered from SCN, nor even given a urinalysis.   In 2010, the German Government requested the District’s aid in getting her life saving GCSF medicine and an independent medical and psychological evaluation; but, that request also remains unsatisfied.  Instead, the various agencies of Mayor Gray’s administration cower in fear claiming that they do not have authority to protect – let alone investigate -- this DCPS student, 10 year old African American Ariana-Leilani.

Mayor Gray’s administration’s systematic inaction protects powerful and influential (mostly white) adults in Washington DC who are engaged in the abuse and neglect.  It is no coincidence that DC’s Attorney General and his stable of attorneys have been leading the charge to run interference for these individuals, claiming the administration is a toothless tiger in protecting a child who is regularly present at her school with concerning physical symptoms.

The evidence that drugs are causing Ariana-Leilani’s condition is supported by: 1) the recent DCPS Key School school photos that clearly show she has extremely dilated eyes (indicating drug in her systems) and 2) DCPS’s own IEP reports that show behavior that point to the same.  The DCPS’s own IEP reports – which are written by DCPS personnel – tell the story of how Ariana-Leilani stares into space, she only speaks about the past outside of school, she has accidents while in school, and she went from a high performance learner five years ago to a child with a “learning disability” who struggles to keep up to her peers.  The 2011 DCPS IEP for Ariana-Leilani disclosed that:

The student demonstrates behaviors that are atypical for her age (wetting herself, significantly overreacting to events). Several behaviors are distracting and prevent her from focusing and learning (singing to self, talking about unrelated topics during a lesson, gazing at the ceiling).  The student talks readily about things that happened years ago, but is secretive about much that goes on in her life currently. She also struggles to handle her emotions and interact with peers.

A ten-year-old child being seriously ill, without relief for five years and showing aberrant behavior “atypical for her age” strongly suggests abuse and neglect, particularly involving drugs (such as those used to facilitate and cover up abuse, like Benzodiazepine which also has a side effect of Severe Chronic Neutropenia).  A child with Severe Chronic Neutropenia of undetermined cause (due to lack of testing for the most likely cause) and a parent drugging a child is not a “custody matter”  -- no matter who is perpetrating it.  But that is the cop-out that your administration uses to avoid fulfilling its responsibility to Ariana-Leilani.

Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer is a dual German and US citizen with only a German Passport, and is currently sleeping in a queen sized bed in a 500 square foot one bedroom walk up apartment with her father, who is a German citizen making over $160,00 per year. The German Government made a formal request to the US State Department in 2010.   The German Government asked for assistance in getting Ariana-Leilani life saving medicine and an independent medical and psychological evaluation.  That request was forwarded to the District of Columbia.  The District of Columbia has thus far failed to provide any of the assistance that the German government requested.

Why is it okay for a white man to drug his black daughter? Why is it okay for a white man to sexually abuse her? Why is it okay to share her with other men? Why is it okay for the DC Government to turn a blind eye to her suffering? What are you prepared to do to help her?

Truth has come to you!

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