Are You Ready To Go Home to Ethiopia or Ghana?
We are ready to facilitate your p/repatriation.
We are the Prepatriation Specialist!

DESTA Y. MEGHOO Development Consultancy, D.Y.M.D.C. & Associates, was founded in
2005 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are part of an extensive network of goods and
service providers in Africa who can help facilitate your move home including air
and ground travel, accommodations, business development, relocation logistics
and more. We published the Rastafari Economic Development Directory (REDD Pages)
over ten years ago to network and promote Rastafari and Pan African owned
businesses and organizations. D.Y.M.D.C & Assoc. Prepatriation Project is
another tangible and continued effort to strengthen Rastafari journey home. Our
team consists of Rastafari brethren and sistrin and Ethiopians with years of
experience in the fields of law, health, education, business, agriculture, the
arts and more.

Over the past five years we have provided repatriation assistance, community
outreach, promotion, marketing and public relations services. We also provide
training, media management, event planning, and more. Some of our
previous experience includes Africa Unite, Bob Marley's 60th Birthday
Celebration, Addis Ababa 2005; Annual Reggae by the Nile Festival, Bahir Dar,
2009, 2010; African Liberation Day Gathering and Ises, Addis Ababa, 2008,
2010; and facilitating the African International Media Summit, AU Addis Ababa
2009, and WADU Diaspora Summit in Ethiopia 2010, amongst other numerous events
and exhibits.

We are proud to provide guidance and services for individuals and families
seeking to return to Ethiopia for the purpose of residence, business, study or
tourism in an effort to further develop beloved Ethiopia. We have already
assisted many Rastafari and Pan African individuals, families and businesses to
make the return home.

If you are interested in our prepatriation service, we have a developed a
questionnaire that you can fill out to start the process. The questionnaire will
help us develop a personal prepatriation plan that fits your needs, timeline and
budget. Our initial fee is 250.00 per person which includes:

>30 minute consultation
>Processing of initial application to establish business in Ethiopia
(Government fees, approx. 70.00 USD are not included)
>Application to immigration for temporary one year residence permit
(Government fees approx. 70.00 USD are not included)
>Assist in seeking prime areas for residence, schools and health care based
on your needs
>Basic translation services

Many other services including business plan research and development, job and
school placement, etc. are available for additional fees.

*Family discounts are available.



1. Main purpose of travel to Ethiopia

a) Residence b) Education c) Job d)Open new business
e)Retirement f)Extended Stay Tourist (over 30 days) g) Community

2. I plan to move/visit in or around___________________20______

3. Prior visits to Africa? Yes____ No____. If yes, where, when, duration
and purpose of visit.


4. Profession, experience, business to be utilized to sustain your stay in
Ethiopia include:

5. Please list name/s and information for yourself and all those traveling:





Date of


Professional organization


*If more space is needed please continue on another blank sheet of paper.

You are requested to make a deposit of 50% upon submission of application, at
which time a full consultation and plans for your prepatriation will be
commence. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of applications for
investment and temporary residence in Ethiopia. We are pleased to let you know
that part of your fee helps sustain the DYMDC Children's Village Project to help
orphans and homeless children in Addis Ababa. Please for more information and to find paypal
as payment option.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will join us in Ethiopia very soon.
We also have similar services for those interested in Ghana.

One Love
Dr. Desta Meghoo
D.Y.M.D.C. & Associates Founder/owner
USA Tel. 347.998.3247 Ethiopia 251118500126 or 251911864677 email

D.Y.M.D.C . & Associates is an African Rastafari owned and operated organization
committed to the development of Ethiopia/Africa...together.

Copyright 2010

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