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Why We Are We Still Marchin' ?

by TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

I have marched until my feet have bled and I have rioted until they called the Feds.
What's left my conscious said?
                                    "Revolution"  Arrested Development

When folks gather in DC for the Jobs and Justice March and the Martin Luther King Memorial dedication this weekend, I betcha a million bucks that somebody is gonna pose the same question that people have been asking for the last 40 years. "What would Martin Luther King Jr say if he was he
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by Min. Paul Scott ~



This Labor Day Weekend is Conscious Throwback Weekend
"The people who are trying to make the world worst aren't taking the day off. How can I?",  Bob Marley                                                                                  
We are proclaiming this Labor Day weekend, "Conscious Throwback" weekend. It is time to reflect back on the Hip Hop from back in the day that raised the consciousness of the people.
How You Can Participate:
1) Join the trending topic #cons
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