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This Labor Day Weekend is Conscious Throwback Weekend
"The people who are trying to make the world worst aren't taking the day off. How can I?",  Bob Marley                                                                                  
We are proclaiming this Labor Day weekend, "Conscious Throwback" weekend. It is time to reflect back on the Hip Hop from back in the day that raised the consciousness of the people.
How You Can Participate:
1) Join the trending topic #consciousthrowback and post your favorite conscious lyrics from the 80's and early 90's on Twitter.
 Such as "Ignorance is not a trend" #consciousthrowback
2) Post your favorite old school video on Facebook from groups like X-Clan, Public Enemy KRS etc.
3) Pull out your old school T Shirts with powerful messages like "Danger Educated Black Man" and African medalllions and rock them this weekend at the cookouts. Or hit the T-Shirt shop and create your own power message.
4) Contact your local DJ and ask him to throw on a set of old school conscious Hip Hop jams. (They are going to be playing flashback jams all weekend anyway, why not play something to make you think?)
5) Have a family movie night and pull out a lecture by an Afro-centric scholar or at least a Spike Lee movie like "Do the Right Thing."
6) Buy a classic book to raise your consciousness like "The Miseducation of the Negro" by Dr. Carter G Woodson or "Stolen Legacy" by George GM James.
7) Ask the present generation of conscious artists to record conscious lyrics over an old school beat and post on social media.
For more information contact
or (919) 451-8283    








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