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LG Plasma TV Has a Loyal Following

Plasma TVs are currently doing very well and are providing stiff competition to LED and LCD TVs. The screen of a plasma TV is very large and the sizes vary from 42 inches to a gigantic 65 inches. Amongst the very many good Plasma TV brands available in the market, the LG Plasma TVhas managed to hold its own and carve out a loyal niche for itself.

Plasma TVs have pixels in the three colours of green, red and blue and the various combinations of these three colours form the entire spectrum of colou

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Positive Black Men - Show Yourselves

Black Professional MenSometimes it seems like African Americans are in a silent war – the war against the media.  The problem is that most of us don’t even know that the war is raging on; and we are losing.  Many of the breakthroughs on television of positive African American male characters have been reversed, and what once seemed like a leveling of the media playing field has turned into a 500-foot waterslide leading us right down the tubes.

It happened so fast that we may not have even realized it, but gone from TV

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Monique Caradine recently peaked at over 30,000 viewers on her weekly "Perspectives" TV Talk show that airs Sundays at 12:00 Noon (CST) on FOX Affiliate WPWR My50 in Chicago. These were a hard foight for 30,000 viewers for when you look at My50 Chicago during the week, you will see
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