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The Ramey Commentaries by Mike Ramey


One of my favorite ‘toons from a bygone era featured ‘Droopy’ the dog. This canine would be in impossible situations, and through sheer determination would defeat his adversaries with comical dispatch. In one of these MGM classics, Droopy was in a series of Olympic-type competitions. Droopy won every event. However, his opponent had tricked Droopy into signing a confession that our hero cheated in every event. Well, of course, the judges threw out Droopy’s victorie

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Racial Differences When Raising Sons

If you have raised or are raising a son, this article’s for you!

I have a series of questions for you. The first question is: Are there differences between raising a son that is Black versus White, versus Hispanic versus Asian? Would your answer be yes or would you answer no? I would answer yes. As a Black mother raising Black boys, society’s rules are different when it comes to my sons. If my sons get stopped for a traffic violation, they are more likely to be harassed. If they are in unfamiliar

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