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3828591099?profile=originalCITY BUZZ LOCAL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT - Black Woman Starts First Black-Owned Crowdfunding Platform

Buy The Block - A Space for People to Invest In Real Estate with Their Peers

Having successfully launched Buy Black Economics (the World's Largest Digital Info Product Store dedicated to Black Businesses,) as well as other enviable movements, Lynn Da is excited to announce the creation of Buy The Block, an initiative that will allow groups and individuals to pool funds, share knowledge, vote on p

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The Federal Savings Bank suggests 3 ways for a buyer to make an offer on a property of interest. gI_163077_6-17%20tfsb.pngWhen first-time home buyers attempt to purchase a home, it might not always go as smoothly as one would hope. Offers are often rejected or interested buyers might get stuck in the middle of a bidding war.

The Federal Savings Bank suggests following these three easy tips to increase the chances of an accepted offer:

1. Become familiar with the seller 
Knowing the seller's story can help someone while

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