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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

   I am not a religious person, but I do have a deep and abiding faith in God the Living Spirit Almighty.  And you know, you just gotta give God a lot of praise because he just keeps handing us these monumental gifts, signs and wonders, despite the fact that we keep squandering them, and then begging for mercy for our errors. 

First, He gives us President Barack Obama</span> to lead us out of the mess that the Bush administration and his predatory supporters put us in,

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Rape of the Black Woman

Know Your Black History: Could a Black Woman Actually Be Considered a Rape Victim

That black men, women, and children were routinely lynched by white men who had no fear of arrest, much less prosecution, well into the 1950s is well known. What is less well known because it is well documented is that black women were routinely raped by white men throughout most of American history. The really sad part of this contemptuous affair is that for much of American history, especially in the South, the ra

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A Blues for Mr. Dilawar

No country that commits the sort of truly evil war crimes America has committed recently can possibly rest easy with itself, and no people like the American people can even slightly escape the implications and the weight of our nation's most evil crimes. That is why we are jumpy lately, why there is an edge to our interpersonal relationships that wasn't there ten years ago, and why there is a tone of subdued hysteria in our mass media. That is why "reality" shows (Freud would have a field day wi
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