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From: Kah Walla
October 20, 2011 ~

I had to go through and reread the Yaoundé Declaration to determine if some inopportune phrase had slipped in without my knowing.  As I observe the Minister of Communication (whose salary I and some 19 million plus other Cameroonians pay for with our taxes) go round the media organs to dictate editorial lines and buy the broadcasting of specific messages, as I read headlines which claim the “opposition has declared war”, as I listen to radio interviews where peo

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"S'ils trichent, ne serait-il pas mieux qu'ils trichent en travaillant, en nous ayant dans leurs pattes, en devant décompter nos 09 millions de voix, au lieu de 02 millions de voix qu'ils auront facilement dépouillées et trafiqueés?" Kah Walla 

"If they cheat, wouldn't it be better that they cheat by working with us in their way, while having to count our 09 million votes instead of 02 million votes that they would easily count and tamper with?"
  Kah Walla Campaign Yaounde
Kah Walla, Cameroon People Party (CPP) Pres
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On April 30, 2011, the Cameroon People's Party (CPP) held an extraordinary congress. Following this conference, three main resolutions were voted upon.

1. Election of Ms. Edith Kahbang Walla known under the short form of her name, Kah Walla, as President of the National Council of the CCP

2. Nomination of Ms. Kah Walla as candidate of the CPP for the presidential election of October 2011

3. Renewal of the secretariat of the party to include a young, competent and enthusiastic team.

4. The programmin

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