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The Real Beef: Time to go H.A.M.

There's a war going on outside, no man is safe from.
                           Survival of the Fittest-Mobb Deep

By Min. Paul Scott ~

It was destined to happen; a war of massive proportions that had been predicted for months. The masses sat hypnotized by their wide screens watching the events unfold. I'm not talking about the rebellion in Egypt, I'm talking about the season premier of "Beef" on Fuse TV.

For the last couple of years, Fuse TV has aired the Beef series, shows that showcase the sometim
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TRUTH Minista Paul Scott --

Back in the 90's, on the song "Revolution," Tupac Shakur said that suppressing the revolution was a premeditated scheme, alleging that the death, disease and destruction so prevalent in the Black community is not an accident but a result of skillful planning by those who have as their agenda the destruction of Afrikan people; physically. mentally and spiritually. Unfortunately, 14 years after his murder, even those fans who are able to quote every Pac lyric word for wo
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9/11 and the Pimpin' of Patriotism

Paul Scott:

Following World War I, an evil dictator by the name of Adolf Hitler was able to manipulate the citizens of Germany by constantly yelling "remember Versailles !" Nine years after the attack on the World Trade Center , right wingers are still trying to manipulate the citizens of America by yelling "remember 9/11 !"
Just as Hitler was able to enrage the Germans by blaming the Treaty of Versailles for their condition, the Conservatives haveused the events of September 11 2001, to crea
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