mauritania (2)

The verdict came down, sneaky almost inaudible; certainly hampered by the enormity of the decision. One that tears the house of the late Ba Falilou from his family to grant it to the merchant Yehdiha O Mbareck .. One that enshrines the primacy of force over the rule of law, allegiance of a government to financial authority.

He took the home because he wanted to, because it is at the heart of the market and because they decided it should belong to him. But more than a verdict of justice is the ver

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Mauritania-case study in Borderlands relations

BF Bankie:Location: Northwest Africa, latitude 250 & 150, longitude 170 & 70. Bordered by Senegal to the south, Mali to the east, eastern Algeria to the north, West Sahara to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.Main geographic features: The country occupies an area of 1,037,000 sq. km, of which 80 per cent is arid and 20 per cent semi-arid. It consists of a plateau, of which the highest point in 915m, and the Adrar Mountains in the north. Mauritania has 700km of Atlantic Coastline and 8
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