The verdict came down, sneaky almost inaudible; certainly hampered by the enormity of the decision. One that tears the house of the late Ba Falilou from his family to grant it to the merchant Yehdiha O Mbareck .. One that enshrines the primacy of force over the rule of law, allegiance of a government to financial authority.

He took the home because he wanted to, because it is at the heart of the market and because they decided it should belong to him. But more than a verdict of justice is the very image of my being that I refer this decision;

That of a man, a citizen in a country where he is denied everything but where it can resume without any further ado, if it is the trial where you do everything except the essentials!

It is the image of a man who faces little people capable of writing the substance of their offices and backdated letters ugly inadvertently signed by a deputy Wali unscrupulous and do not read Arabic. It is the image of a man who sees, in the course of a trial, domain registry battered by surges in writing without any court or authority shall not be offended or even deign to pay attention to the protests and motions filed in this subject.

It is the image of one who faces his helplessness, crying, writing to the president begging the sky for a sympathetic ear that can hear the noise behind slogans about national unity, fighting against corruption and equality of citizens, the groans of those who still continue to see daily violate their most basic rights.

More than a verdict, that is my place in this country that comes to mind as a boomerang. A country, where, I am only a simple sentence in a geography book and a common standard for politics of justification. I once believed in many speeches and was open to hope…

That of a change in this country that was constructive. It occurred to me that what I endured was more than ancient history and a look of a bygone era, but I had to bring myself to accept that here the time is frozen and the practices are certainly colors but remain intact in their substance. Here more than elsewhere the story is a geography and the geography, a sociology!

Today, they took my house and with it my hopes, my beliefs. Those of a country where justice could be done to all and where every citizen could have rights recognized and preserved. They took us home just because we were not audible enough and that we may be different ...

More than a verdict is the classic story of a citizen like many others facing a country that has refused all to them ...!

Ibrahima Falilou

Mamadou Guisse
Philadelphia, PA

Cell: (267) 977 5489
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