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Is the Igbo language extra-terrestrial?


The Igbo people are a major ethnic group in Nigeria. Igbo (the language) is verb based.

One unique aspect of the language is that each word has an identifiable meaning.

For instance the word for sun is anwu. It is derived from the verb ‘nwu’ which is to die.

The sound ‘a’ is used to reverse the notion of death making anwu (sun)-that which does not die.

One of the major titles of an Igbo King is ‘Igwe’ which means sky.

Eri, the supposed founder of the Igbo race is also descri

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by: Man-Ping Chu ~



Taboos are established in a society to avoid harmful consequences to their people either because the non-verbal or verbal behavior violates a code based on supernatural beliefs or it violates the moral code of the society. According to Adler (1989), taboos are subject to the environment and they are language-specific. This research was held in the United States to examine whether the Chinese and Korean immigrants in a western society share any taboos in (1) non-verb
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Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction

"Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction"

by J. Bert Freeman


What you say today can impact your life tomorrow. Your choice of words can move you in a direction towards or away from effective personal and professional relationships and you are in charge of that choice. Positive direction means that the words you speak consistently steer you toward the successes or outcomes that you want or need with others. In this book, J. Bert Freeman identifies the impact of choosing positive dire

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