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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey


     One of the sinister, hidden dangers of social media is the seeming avalanche of reminders of our past failures: failed relationships; failed marriages, failed business ventures and other such items that belong buried in a grave marked ‘forgotten’. 

     One cannot make true forward progress IF one continues to wallow in their past.

     Social media may have been ‘only’ designed for young people (they are the most impressionable and highest users) but s

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Barack Obama & Black America

In the sixties we had the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and we had a president named John F. Kennedy. At that time we as a people (African American and Caribbean) people knew what it meant to be a proud people. We stood together and fought for equality. We broke down racial barriers in peaceful demonstrations even though we were hosed, beaten, arrested and set upon by dogs.In recent years however, we have become doggish towards each other. We no longer think that fighting to make a better life for
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Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction

"Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction"

by J. Bert Freeman


What you say today can impact your life tomorrow. Your choice of words can move you in a direction towards or away from effective personal and professional relationships and you are in charge of that choice. Positive direction means that the words you speak consistently steer you toward the successes or outcomes that you want or need with others. In this book, J. Bert Freeman identifies the impact of choosing positive dire

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