Is the Igbo language extra-terrestrial?


The Igbo people are a major ethnic group in Nigeria. Igbo (the language) is verb based.

One unique aspect of the language is that each word has an identifiable meaning.

For instance the word for sun is anwu. It is derived from the verb ‘nwu’ which is to die.

The sound ‘a’ is used to reverse the notion of death making anwu (sun)-that which does not die.

One of the major titles of an Igbo King is ‘Igwe’ which means sky.

Eri, the supposed founder of the Igbo race is also described as a sky being.

Was Eri delivered to the mother earth by a space ship?

Unlike the Dogons of Mali, Igbo accounts with extra-terrestrials have not been well documented or studied.

In Igbo land, and in many parts of Africa, masquerades are a prominent feature of the culture and spirituality. While these masquerades are generally regarded to be representations of dead ancestors their costume can be quite unusual.

Could these costumes be an attempt to mimic ‘suits’ worn by extra-terrestrials?

Please visit www.niberia.com for more analysis of the Igbo language and to find the book

‘Igbo voices; hidden wisdom from the ancient language.



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