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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

   Somewhere back in the late 80's, Joan Rivers hosted a daytime TV talk show where the subject was about how ordinary people where thrust into life altering situations that affected the entire nation.  One of the guests on the show was Rosa Parks.  I had the privilege of escorting Ms. Parks to the show, and doing a post interview with both Ms. Parks and Joan Rivers.  The "little act of sitting down" according to Rivers changed for ever the entire landscape of the Civil R

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New book shows how Jimi's music expanded deep into other genres besides Rock40 Yrs. After his death, Jimi's influence is still felt!Augusta, GA – From author Corey Washington comes a book for die hard Hendrix fans, those sitting on the fence, and outsiders looking in. Forty years after Jimi's untimely death (Sept. 18th, 1970), Nobody Cages Me!explores his unassuming, yet ubiquitous influence over the genres of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and yes, even Hip-Hop.Jimi Hendrix is primarily looked at as a Rock m

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