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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey


      Recently, I happened across a toy commercial on television.  It featured the modern update of a popular doll series for girls.  The doll in question could be anything.  However, out of the nine or ten dolls displayed, not one of them had the TOP vocation of wife and mother.  For—as we all know—without wives and mothers the REST of the careers soon become meaningless.

      Take Women’s History Month.  It is much the same thing as the doll commercial I mentioned at t

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Ask Nana: Great video and great advice. Kudos to Lenon Honor and his wife, Aida.  I can confer as a Mental Health Professional for many years and also from my own experience. One thing that is missing in this presentation is the focus on the female in this relationship. Why is she so angry? Of course he obviously does not know or cannot see what it is that has made her so angry, but it could be a number of things. She may have come from a very angry household and he may have come from an abusive
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