fatherhood (2)

You will not see many REAL fathers doing their thing in the feminized mainstream mess (FMS) as it is more important--in our view--to get the job done, rather than pose for the cameras, or appear on talk shows explaining why we do, what we do. But it SURE would be nice for many in our communities to take the time to remember that they have gotten where they are thanks to TWO people. A Black mother AND a Black father.
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     *Would you like to know one of the reasons behind the demise of “Promise Keepers”?  Well, in my humble opinion, the organization went down the tubes when it started to try to ‘please’ the women in our society. 


     *Would you like to know why more and more viewers are ‘turning off’ the Olympics, when they cycle around every four years?  Because those power brokers often shift their focus away from the broad, competitive spectrum and narrowcast to the women of society. 


     *Would you lik

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